This week has been very busy but I managed to make a long trip in Sweden last monday.

Last year I was lucky to get the swedish interior designer Sten Hermanssons sketches for some of his interior designs with Verner Panton objects.

I have about 70 sketches with Panton interior from him to go through but many were never made and almost all of them are gone.

But you can still see some traces in some places and I wanted to see them in person myself.
First up is an office from the begining of the 80:ies. This picure (above) is from that time.

Here is how the exact same place looks today!


In their warehouse, they still had some room dividers for offices with multicoloured medium curve fabric.

Here is another place. The edge of the reception and the surface of the stairs are covered with wall-to-wall carpets. There is also chromed and orange small Flowerpot lamps in the ceiling.

And here you can see how it looks today…

20130325_pantour_007 20130325_pantour_009 20130325_pantour_01020130325_pantour_008
This company had saved some of the furnitures from the early 70:ies but the rest was gone.

This fabric used for their furniture was purple “MIRA-BOLIVIA”. Unfortunatelly no Panton furniture or lamps were still there.

Here is another place… I wonder where the lamps, chairs, curtains and table is now?

Atleast I found the place where the lamps and tables were…

Here comes an old sketch from this office 1976.
The room marked “J Alm” is the one with aubergine wall-to-wall carpet that you soon will see further down.

The office has not been used sinced the mid 80:ies so the carpets are not in very bad condition.

20130325_pantour_018 20130325_pantour_019 20130325_pantour_020
The exterior of the building.


The purple wall-to-wall carpets seems to be MIRA-CONTRACT III” if you ask me. It was made to be used in public areas.

You can see the different types in my catalogues down below. It would have needed a wash…

20130325_pantour_025 20130325_pantour_022 20130325_pantour_023 20130325_pantour_024
This aubergine “MIRA-CONTRACT II” wall-to-wall carpet could be something if it is possible to remove it from the floor.

This type is smother than the “MIRA-CONTRACT III”

20130325_pantour_03620130325_pantour_026 20130325_pantour_027
Then we have some orange or golden “MIRA-CONTRACT III” wall-to-wall carpet.

The corridor was 30 meters long from the begining but half of the house is rebuilt. Only half of the house is still intact from the 70:ies.

20130325_pantour_030 20130325_pantour_028 20130325_pantour_031 20130325_pantour_032 20130325_pantour_033 20130325_pantour_034 20130325_pantour_035 20130325_pantour_042 20130325_pantour_039 20130325_pantour_040 20130325_pantour_041
Even the stairs have “MIRA-CONTRACT III” – carpet.

Interesting wall…

20130325_pantour_048 20130325_pantour_049
Some of my catalogues with MIRA-X:s carpets.

Here is an example of the aubergine wall-to-wall carpet in The “Der Spiegel publishing house”.

Here is an original MIRA-X folder from the 70:ies. You can see several types of carpets here and also the full colour spectrum that was used in the MIRA-X system.

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