1963 Unika Vaev showroom SwedenCircle Design Center – Sten HermanssonĀ“s showroom for Unika Vaev, Plus Linje and Louis Poulsen at Lidners Plan in Stockholm in the early 60:ies.Cirkel-Design-Center1982-Mira-X-Showroom-0011975-Mira-X-showroom-1280x11981978-Mira-X-fair-001-1280x878

Below you see pieces from the Circle Desgn Center. The Cone Stool is visible in the picture from Unika Vaev showroom you see on top of the page.

Cone Chair stool CDC1973-Mira-Romantica-0011974-Domino-Curve-0021-1600x10671974-Domino-Wave-002-1600x1067 Circle Design Center1969-Mira-X-Tie-002-1280x8531969-Mira-X-Fly-003-1280x8971973-Mira-Domo-001 1970-Mira-Domo-001-1600x1067 1973-Contract-1-003 Circle Design Center pieces 1973-Mira-Domo-003 1973-Mira-Domo-004Ā  1969-Carpet-001-1280x852