Around 1975, Verner Panton designed a toy system similar to LEGO but with frames and plates. He financed it himself and made several tests before he introduced it to Kurt Naef. Kurt was a swiss toy maker known for high quality toys in wood. Together they launced the new toy system called Pantonaef around 1979. They were clearly ahead of their time and Kurt described the project as the biggest misstake ever. People were more interested in wood pieces but nowerdays, these plastic toy system are highly wanted by collectors.

Here you can see  the different plates and figures in my collection. I have really tried to find all the possible colours ever made. The basic six colours that were sold in stores were a light and dark version of red, blue and grey. So far I have founded about 30 different prototypes colours / shades. Most of these are very rare prototypes that comes from Verner himself for the first pre-series from 1975. Some prototype plates have coloured leather pieces glued to them.

If you have any questions or want to sell any Pantonaef toy system, please send an email to: