Another prototype fabric for the collection wich comes from one of Verner Panton´s closest co-worker. The pattern is Verner Panton´s classical pattern “Curve II” but this is printed with a lacque print on a thinner fabric so the colours gets stronger.


A set of three sun yellow/orange Geometri panels. This room will perhaps be orange later but we start like this since we like the original wall paper from 1967 – the same years as these enamel panels came out on the market.  These very panels are prototypes from 1966 and were given to the photographer […]


We have now started to mark out places for enamel panels and Spiegel lamps in the new house.  A good way of checking if everything is on the right place is to first use tape, that doesn’t leave any marks, and then mount the pieces inside the tape markings.  I have measured a lot so […]