“Chair with removable cover” was designed by Verner Panton in 1985. Only a few prototypes was made. Fritz Hansen made the steel frame and you supose to use different fabric covers from Mira-X. The shape reminds of the Cone Chair from 1959 but with a touch from the 80:ies.


Here comes something really cool. This is Verner’s own prototypes for the Visiona 2 cupboards in 1970. They can be opened by sliding the door inside them. I will show you more pictures later. They have the exact same diameter as the first edition Illumesa table and the table fits perfectly into the little edges […]


The Panton Chair is without a dubt Verner Panton most well known design. The next “new” piece in the collection I will show you is Verner’s own prototype / pre-serie chair for the Panton Chair made in 1967! I have seen another prototype /pre-serie chair in yellow/light orange wich also comes from Verner’s home, at […]


These Bobinette Geometri curtains from 1960 are amongst my favorite Panton curtains. They are not easy to find and are often expensive if they come up.  I try to find enough of them to cover a 950 cm long window in the new house. This pair have a width of 320 cm together and with […]


A lot of Verner Panton pieces has arrived latelly but I haven´t had the time to take pictures of everything. Here you have another round Mira Romantica carpet from 1975. It measures 250 cm in diameter. I had one in the collection sinc earlier. The condition is perfect.


Today I received a fantastic piece of Panton history. This is a piece of the gigantic scene curtain at Cirkusbygningen in Copenhagen 1984. The pattern is based on the “Kvadrat I” design from 1970 but is a little modified here. It has only 7 colours instead of 8 and the 7:th colour is a golden […]


Here comes a new important piece for the Pantonworld collection. This is the pianist´s Cone Stool at Hotel Restaurant Astoria 1960. It is one of the first versions of the stool with a small “keyhole” under the seat. You see the pianist sitting and playing on this chair in one of the pictures above. It […]