Today about 20 of my Panton pieces came back from a norweigian museum who showed them for some months. They built a really cool display box for the “Luminous Wall Element” prototype in context of Visiona 2. Here are some pictures without the light.  It is really crazy to look inside the box. It feels […]

VARNA 1971

Enjoy! Some pictures from the Varna Restaurant near Århus in Denmark 1971.


The interior designer Sten Hermansson made a lot of interiors in Sweden from the early 60:ies to the 90:ies. He had the company Cirkel Design Center. From the 60:ies Sten worked with Verner Panton´s design such as furniture from Plus Linje, textiles from Unika Væv and lamps from Louis Poulsen. Later he became the swedish […]


Here comes the other Panton piece I picked up yesterday. This early version Spiegel Lamp is made out of steel and was made in 1968. It is the same material as in the lamps at Der Spiegel publishing house. Some other cool details are the original Louis Poulsen mounting and electric plug with a switch. […]


A new Verner Panton carpet in the Pantoworld collection. Here comes a really rare “Optik Carpet” from 1969. I have only seen it once in a picture from Verner Panton´s home around 1971. The measurements are 137 x 137 cm and I beleive Unika Vaev was the manufacturer due to the similar technique of these […]