Here are some cool drawings for Verner Pantons different Ball lamps. These are from January 1970. There is also a photostatic copy of a Type B lamp where all different colours and sizes of the balls are written down.


I got some cool stuff today. To begin with I would like to show you an original Lüber lamp poster from around 1970. It is printed on a little thicker papper and shows the Ball and Spiral lamps.   I just realised another interesting thing. This poster comes from the home of J. Lüber […]


A friend gave me this cool info about the Spiral and Ball lamps from J. Lüber. It says how to put together the lamps but also another info I never seen before. It says that you should use lamp bulbs with 25 watt if you want the best colours. I have used 40 watt or […]


I am testing two ideas here. First to make the chromed SP2 into a SP3 instead but also to cover the complete wall with a large mirror. This will make the room look twice as big and there will be “more” of every lamp and furniture.


The Mirror Sculpture prototype are in the aubergine room now as well. I will re-order the room a little. The lamp positions are not that good. One idea is to cover the wall in the back completly with mirrors from the floor to the ceiling. The room would then feel longer. Verner did this in […]