Is is not easy to get the time to complete the attic but soon I hope we can put this room in order. This room will be the opposite of the other darker and colourfull rooms we have. It will be white with some beige tones. Therefor the 5 Panton Chairs in beige will be […]


After a long day in the car with the whole familly, I am so tired I can’t give you any better pictures than this… but the “PANTOUR” was great! You can here see 5 early Panton Chairs in beige, a very rare Topan lamp in light grey, some magazines and a purple monochrome MIRA-X fabric. […]


My danish friend told me he bought this TOPAN lamp (no 16570) – and now he decided to give it to me as a present! I am very happy for it since I miss this one amongst the other types I have in the collection. This is a light grey matte lamp with a difusor. […]