Today I got an unexpected gift. Some magazines and newspaper articels about Panton and two wall tiles from the Hotel Europa in Lugano, Switzerland. Strange, but the headline for the newspaper was almost Pantonworld… The hotel had rooms in either red, green or blue with Pantons fabrics in those colours. The pattern was Creis / […]


Yesterday, I cleaned and adjusted the red SP1 so it has the same length as the other ones. It looks much better to have them in the same height like this. I took some more pictures of the newest pieces such as the red BARBOY, THE FUN 0 DA and THE MIRROR SCULPTURES as well. […]


  My red SPIRAL LAMP “SP1” needed some cleaning…  So after removed the electrical cord, it took a shower. Now it looks like new! I have also adjusted all the nylon threads so it has exactly the same length as the other SPIRAL LAMPS I have. The correct lenght is exactly 115 cm:s. I will […]