The year is 1978 in a hotel in Stockholm. The swedish nowerdays very well known band, “Vikingarna” is ready for an international career. Their now famous singer Christer Sjögren (Far to the right in the picture, next to the “maybe to much to drink- guy”) is their new lead singer and this is his first […]


The table is getting better and better. The edges are now without paint and the plate will soon be clean from paint. It was very good to use a razorblade and a heating machine for the large areas of paint. Then I did a small test with a rubber to take away some small rest. […]


Thomas in Norway has founded another picture from his  exhibition “A sence of darkness – Verner Pantons Astoria restaurant”. “Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum” in Trondheim had the exhibition in 2002. This picture shows the the original dresses in orange cotton that the waitresses were using at the restaurant in Trondheim 1959/60. The dress is probably designed by […]


My norweigian friend Thomas founded another picture from the Copenhagen Modernism show, this time from 2003. This is the fair stand for the shop “gagarin” in Stuttgart. The flowers are the price for best fair stand and he also won a free space the next year. Unfortunatelly the fair did not continue the year after. […]