A lot of Verner Panton pieces has arrived latelly but I haven´t had the time to take pictures of everything. Here you have another round Mira Romantica carpet from 1975. It measures 250 cm in diameter. I had one in the collection sinc earlier. The condition is perfect.


  If you happend to have a vintage Clowerleaf Sofa by Verner Panton please let me know. I would be very interested to buy it and any condition is interesting. Please send an email to:

VARNA 1971

Enjoy! Some pictures from the Varna Restaurant near Århus in Denmark 1971.


The interior designer Sten Hermansson made a lot of interiors in Sweden from the early 60:ies to the 90:ies. He had the company Cirkel Design Center. From the 60:ies Sten worked with Verner Panton´s design such as furniture from Plus Linje, textiles from Unika Væv and lamps from Louis Poulsen. Later he became the swedish […]

VARNA 1971

I have now got some of the old slides from the Mira-X agent, converted into digital pictures. Here is one picture from 1971 wich shows the Varna Restaurant in Århus, Denmark. I want the blue enamel panels… Where are you?!