Today I visited a retired photographer that took many pictures of Verner Pantons pieces from the 60:ies and forward. His name is Bent.

Bent is originally danish but now lives in Sweden.  He and his wife lives deeply into the forrest, now without any design furnitures in a cottage.

He used to take pictures for the magazine “Design from Scandinavia” and also for the scandinavian furniture companies.

Amongst many pictures he is the one that has taken the fantastic black and white picture of a model holding her hands behind a transparent Geometri 1 curtain.

He still have many of his negatives so when he has some spare time, he will send them to me so I can borrow them and make prints. You will then see it here.

I took some pictures from my visit today. Mostly from his magazines but hopefully you will see more pictures soon.

I have Bents permission to publish the pictures here. You can later see them under MY COLLECTION – LITERATURE.

By the way, the black and white photo above is from Bents studio in the 60:ies. It shows an assistant to Bent but also a Geometry 1 print on the wall.



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