Since our twins Leo and Otis managed to throw the glas plate from our “last” dining table in the floor, we haven´t had any dining table at all.

Well, the Pantonova table we had only survived 13 hours with the kids…

We have lived 3 years in this house and we haven´t had a dining table during that time. I don´t understand how we made it. Mostly because the kitchen has been on repair for a long time… Yes, the kids kind of stopped my reparation with the kitchen.


I thought it would be nice with a Eero Saarinen table under the FUN 7 lamp but since that accident happend we thought it is no idea to buy a “real” one.

Yesterday, I saw a pretty good table with 4 chairs in the street ready for going to the dump station.

I got permission from the owner to take it so now we have a new dining place where the kids can do what ever they want. Perfect!

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