Yesterday I putted up a Pantonova diningtable under our new FUN 7 lamp.

Today, our twin boys, Leo and Otis managed to flip the glas plate over the edge of the table. Luckilly they were both on the same side so they survived without any damages at all. PUHH!

The plate was almost 2 cm thick and the weight was over 20 kilos!

I guess the next table will be fully secured in some way to have it in the same room as our hooligans…

We havent had a dining table since we moved into the house 3 years ago.

And it seems like we have to wait some more for the next one.

We will have just a carpet or Pantons Relaxer chair there in the meantime… It took me almost two hours to vaccum and shake the carpet to get rid of all the glas.

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