Here is our latest lamp – An original FUN 7 DM made by LÜBER!!!

You will soon see it over a dining table in the AUBERGINE ROOM.

This lamp has been hanging in an office since around 1967 and it is mega rare. I only remember seeing 3 pieces before this and two of them has burned up…

I haven´t packed it all up since we need to do some work before we get it up in the ceiling and I guess it is better having the shells in small bags until on place…

This magnifique lamp has  aprox. 530 chains with about 120 small rings in every chain. I would guess it is over 60 000 small rings in there!!!

The diameter of the ceiling plate is 100 cm and it uses more shells than a FUN 3 DM.

It is a crazy lamp and the discs forms a ufo under the very big ceilingplate

The lamp has some yellowing due to nicotine from cigarette smoking but I think we keep it like this. Atleast to start with.

It is almost no rust on the chains. That is one good thing with smoking, it conservates the chains from getting rusty

One of the best lamps Verner Panton has ever made!

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