In my collection of Verner Panton carpets, I have one very large “WAVE”- carpet from MIRA-X wich have some spots of strong wear.

It is almost in mint condition except for three spots where the previous owner had his slippers since 1973… ( I don´t think he had three feets but I don´t know what made the third damage).

It has been in a dark room for all years and has never been washed so the colours are very strong.

Today I founded a lady in Sweden who probably can help me to make this fantastic carpet in better shape.

You can see her website here (in swedish):


She colours the replacement wool herself for best result. What I heard today, she is one of Swedens best to repair carpets.

She had a link to another site where you can read how to take care of old carpets in the best way (english):


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