At the last “PANTOUR” I picked up a big PANTONOVA SOFA that EXPEDIT made in the 70:ies.

It was very dirty and needed some care.

I have now polished the wire parts and also cleaned the furnish. The results were better than expected!

All the stains are gone, the fabric is not faded at all and the black wire is in very good condition.

It is 8 parts with cushions and I have cleaned 4 of them so far.

Then it is also 2 tables with glass and 3 middleparts in different styles. In total 13 parts.

This version of the PANTONOVA SOFA is the deep version with thick cushions.

I have not decided yet if I can keep it myself or if I will sell some parts…

I placed 3 sitting parts plus the low table and a “middlepart” in the AUBERGINE ROOM.

You can also see a blue AMOEBA CHAIR here.

…and this is how the wire looks under the thick cushions.

This is the tall model of the two tables. I forgot the glass plate for it but will collect that later. I have never seen this model before.

I have 4 parts left to clean but I guess these will be as good as the other parts when I am done… Very nice!

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