Recently, I mounted new curtain gliders in the ceiling of the AUBERGINE ROOM.

I have borrowed an idea that were often used with Pantons and Mira-X curtains in the 70:ies.

I putted two gliders next to each other. I will use transparant curtains in the front and thick velour curtains in the back.

Then I can choose if I want to see the multicoloured ones or just the transparent aubergine MIRA – TÜLL curtains.

Or booth, so the thicker velour fabrics can be seen through the thin ones. It looks very cool.

Well, I can not show you the velour curtains at the moment because a tailor is working on make them in the same length.

In the meantime, you can see how the thin ones turned out.

I have 250 cm to the ceiling here so I will make my curtains for this room 245 cm tall.

The thin curtains have some weights to make them hang in a good way.

Probably, you can use as many curtain gliders as you want. If it turns out good, I will put up a third one.

I guess you could make this in an even cooler way…

…If you used an electrical remote system, you could probably change your wall hangings by pressing different buttons, haha!

Welll, I start with this!

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