I have from time to time seen a lot of fake HORLACHER / PANTON plastic panels on different auction houses and on ebay.

Since I have checked with Marianne Panton regarding this, I have learned that Verner made prototype panels in YELLOW/BLUE.

He also made GREEN / DARK GREEN panels for the VISIONA 2 exhibition. After the exhibition they throwed all of them away.

So now when I see some GREEN / DARK GREEN shiny panels on an auction house in the USA, I am almost sure these are re-editions:


I have written about this earlier here on my blog. Then it was purple/red panels for sale at Quittenbaum. They were sold for 4400 euros! You can read my old post about it here:

It seems like this is a never ending story, the fake panels goes very high at auctions and then when another auctionhouse gets them, the have the older fakes one as a reference…

As far as I have learned, Panton never made any panels in these colours at all:


If you find some in YELLOW/BLUE  it should be a bit matte, not shiny.

IF, some original GREEN / DARK GREEN would pop up from “the dead”, I guess they would be a bit matte as well but as I told you, all of them have been destroyed according to Verners wife at that time, Marianne Panton.

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