VERNER PANTON did a lot of cool fabric prints. A really special one is this “photographic print”…

THE ROSE from the TRATTO 1 series made by MIRA-X in 1980.

I have seen similar patterns on fabrics, in a movie from the exhibition VISIONA 0 in 1968. I guess he created it back then and MIRA-X started the production later.

It is made by a lot of circles. The size is about 130 x 120 cm. This fabric is amongst the thickest PANTON fabrics I have ever seen.

Ours is attached on a 4 cm thick wooden frame. The fabric has a reversed pattern on the sides wich makes a cool graphical effect. It almost looks like it “pops out” from the wall.

PANTON also made the flowers DAHLIA and GERBERA as motifs wich I would love to find one day.

The factory TAUNUS & PAUSA made a lot of the fabrics for VERNER PANTON and MIRA-X.


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