Sorry for not updated the blog for a while. I have been busy repairing our very old kitchen.

The ceiling was earlier lowered 25 cm:s and there were also a wall in the kitchen. I have taken it all down so now I try to repair all the old wooden panel. You will see it later when it starts to take form. We will have the kitchen in Pantons “white” colour and also use some FUN-lamps here.

Almost every ceiling in this house was lowered when we moved in. I have used about 40 top-filled trucks to move every piece of crap that we have taken away. When the former owners have repaired this house, they have putted the “new” material over the “old” material so when I started to take it all away, I founded about 4 layers of different styles. Luckilly, the original panel from the 20:ies were under it all…


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