“CURVE” 1969.

“CIRCLE” 1969.

“STRIPE” 1969.

“QUADRAT” 1969.

“CHECKERS” 1969.

“WAVE” 1969.

“ONION” 1969.

“CONUS” 1978.

Here you can see some of the multicoloured fabrics in my collection. Most of them are made in velour fabrics.

In 1969, VERNER PANTON developed a 50 colour system for MIRA-X which was the producer of PANTONS fabrics.

VERNER was the chief-designer and he also got a percent of each meter sold.

He developed the multicolour-system (orange -light red – dark red- aubergine – purple – violett – blue – turquise).

He used the 8 pure colours in his patterns “DECOR 1”. See above.

All the patterns exept the ONION were made in three different sizes.

In 1978 he came up with the DECOR III and the pattern CONUS.

In the end of the 70:ies, the selling was going down for the multicolour and MIRA-X wanted Verner to develop some new colours to help the buisness.
Verner developed a new system with 86 colours for MIRA-X. Then he added a darker variant of the multicolour and also some earth colours.

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