“TAL” (german) or “VALLEY” (english) 1978.

“SCHNECKE” (german) or “SNAIL” (english) 1978.

Here is two of my MIRA-X prototype fabrics. They are printed by the factory PAUSA in the south of Germany.

They are made in August and September 1978 according to an index card that also tells that the design are made by Verner Panton.

The fabric were produced in five different colours and only one copy per colour where made. They were never putted into serial production.

The size is 124 x 117 cm. The fabric is mounted as a streched frame. Super rare works of art!

When fabrics were putted on frames like this, they were called “multipel” by PANTON and MIRA-X.

Here is some of the index cards for the fabric design.

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