I have founded some really interesting pieces when I visited a retired interior designer that worked for MIRA-X.

If you are a PANTONIAC of course…

MIRA-X is the company that made most of VERNER PANTONS fabrics.

He borrowed me folder with lot of documentations for THE MIRA-X production line in the 80:ies.

The nice man also gave me a gift…. A MIRA-X brush!

He used it to take away the rubber-rests when he made changes in his drawings for different

interior designs during the 70:ies and 80:ies.

The interior designer did many of the designs with MIRA-X fabrics, wall-to-wall carpets and of course



The interior designer was today a nice old man with a very bright memory.

He still had some PANTON pieces left… so here you can see some pictures from his home nowadays.

The “DOMINO RUG” you see first was his door rug…

The blueish wall-to-wall carpet was a “MIRA-X DOMO”.

He had a black wire “PANTONOVA SOFA” from EXPEDIT A/S.

The bookshell is from FRITZ HANSEN (These were also re-made as roomdividers, he told me).


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