I recently founded some PANTON objects in a house where the owners were moving out.

They have had a Verner Panton room in their house since 1973. It has been “untouched” since then.

Other rooms like the bathroom were also very cool…

The owners friend who where a interior designer and also a friend/companion with VERNER PANTON in the 60:ies and 70:ies designed the whole “PANTON” room.

The designer used Panton- fabrics, lamps, rugs and what I belive could be a VERNER PANTON prototype sofa.

I am not sure if the sofa is made by PANTON yet but anyhow, it has original MIRA-X fabric in aubergine and it looks very much like PANTONS other sofa in metal wire – The PANTONOVA sofa.

The material is cold foam or something very light. The same as METZELER SCHAUM used for some furniture. For example the CLOWERLEAF sofa.

Hope to clear this out soon. If you have any information regarding this sofa – please contact me!

Me and my friend Anders (you can see him carrying some records) drove a long way there to pick up the whole interior.

It was aubergine original MIRA-X wall-to-wall carpets on some walls wich I had the permissions to take down. Hopefully I can use these somewhere in our house.

It is not every day you step into a house that still have a original PANTON interior so this day was a memory for lifa as a PANTON-collector.

I collected the following to PANTONWORLD:

a 6-piece sofa in aubergine Mira-X fabric – a Panton prototype or something else…?

5 LARGE CURVE curtains in multicoloured velour,

5 thin/transparent MIRA-X curtains in aubergine,

a  large multicoloured WAVE CARPET (2 x 3 meter) in very good condition but with 3 very “worn down” places – I hope to get this repaired,

3 pieces of MIRA-X wall-to-wall carpets,

4 chromed FLOWER POT lamps,

3 red FLOWER POT lamps,

some cool curtain gliders that were commonly used with MIRA-X fabrics during the 70:ies.

Anders got some records and a stone. I hope he still will be my friend after 12 hours of “PANTON-talk” in the car… ;)

The last pictures is from THE AUBERGINE ROOM at PANTONWORLD.

I had to try some of the curtains…

I send a very special THANK YOU to Rebecka and her familly. It was very nice meeting you!



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