Wohoo! I was contacted by a nice man who said he most likely had a red Ilumesa light table from the ”Visiona 2” exhibition 1970.
He bought it from a german dealer 15 years ago who claimed he got it from a person that took it right out from the exhibition. It’s not easy to know such stories but the previous owner had later discovered, when visiting a museum that showed a purple Ilumesa from Visiona 2, it had the same three holes! These holes was meant to have bolts that keept the two parts together.
After some closer examination and scanning probably all photos with Ilumesa tables that I can found, the only old pictures with this type of tables are from the spectacular exhibition Visiona 2. (See the last picture from Visiona 2- Copyright: Verner Panton Design AG)
Also the few rare Ilumesa tables in purple I have seen have these three holes – but without the bolts as these easy fall of and you don’t really need them.
With all these nerdy facts I beleive this really must be one of the ”lost” pre-version ”Lys-Bord / Leucht-Tish” for the Ilumesa table, shown at the exhibition Visiona 2 in january 1970.
Now I only need to find the purple one… please let me know if you have one!