They doesn’t hang perfect here but I just had to see these ultra rare curtains up!?
These ”Bobinette” curtains with triangles/squares was designed by Verner Panton for Unika Vaev in 1960. Not many in this design could have been made.
I have through old drawings from an early Unika Vaev exhibition seen the name ”Bobinette Sun” and ”Bobinette Snow”. First now I realised the curtains with a similar round pattern (”Geometri I” pattern) must be the ”sun” version and these of course, are the ”snow” version!
These large curtains comes from the private home of the swedish Unika Vaev agent in the 60:ies, Sten Hermansson. Sten was an excellent interior designer himself and I am so happy to take over the curtains from his familly. Thank you! ❤️