A cool furniture showed up in the house today! A red stool from the Kaufhof furniture range designed by Verner Panton in 1965/66. The production started 1967 and the original fabric on this stool does it’s best trying to stay but I unfortunstelly think I need to find a replacement fabric.
The fabric here has had better days.
This piece is the only remaining part out of a set together with highback chairs from a german home. A nice detail is that the former owner’s mother worked for Kaufhof and in the third picture you see the previous owner as a kid with his mother and one of the Kaufhof modules.
I have two highback chairs since earlier but the fabric is quite boring so I rather refurnish them all if I can find an identical fabric in a nice colour.
In this picture you see this furniture range at the Visiona 0 exhibition 1968.
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