Ever since I started collecting Panton, I have had some pieces I really wanted to find. This object has been a dream piece for a long time now and I counted to more than 11 years trying to get it.

“Leuchtsäulen” is the german name wich can be translated in english as “Column of light”. It was made as a prototype in 1971 together with the danish company Dansk Akrylteknik. The lamp’s inner structure are the most complicated structure I ever seen in a Verner Panton design. Each section has two outher shades where the top shade has violet circles and the bottom shade is transparant. Inside the top violet shade, there is another inverted shade with orange circles. In each section there are also a metal reflectors “hoovering” in the air with help of small spirals that also works to keep all parts together. Three sections are mounted on top of eachother and then three lamps are serial connected to give the whole piece a fantastic glow. The lamp here stands on a black glass table, therefor the reflections under it.

From the begining, Verner’s idea was to use these from floor to the ceiling but the weight made it impossible to have higher sets of these. This lamp is 75 cm tall and 40 cm in diameter. Below, you see this lamp in Panton’s livingroom in the 70:ies.