Something totally unexpected happend this summer.

Three original wall panels in green tones from Verner Panton’s legendary “Visiona 2” exhibition showed up from a man who worked with the Visiona fairs in the 70:ies!

Marianne Panton earlier told me all green panels from the Bayer ship was destroyed after the exhibition in Köln january 1970. Three panels apparently survived in this mans home all these years. Me and a fellow collector, My Panton Home, bought them together. Two of them are now in the Pantonworld collection.

The even more interesting thing with these green panels are that they actually are combined panels / wall lamps. They are kind of transparant and have the same type of plastic as for example the Illumesa tables from the time. I will later show you how they look with light in them.

It has been a lot of fake panels similar to these around but they were made later and have also another type of plastic. The color tone and some details are also different compared to the originals wich you see here. These original ones have small staples that holds them together, something you actually can see if you look close to the panel below from the Bayer picture. As far as I know, these two, together with the panel that my fellow collector My Panton Home now own, are the only original panels left in the world. I hope I am wrong since they are super cool!

Below you see pictures from the boat and also an original picture from Bayer showing all three types of panels that was used at the Visiona 2 exhibition.

Since earlier I have Verner’s prototype for this green panel (the prototype is yellow/blue) together with one in panel in chrome and one soft panel in pink tones.