Sorry for not posting anything for a long time. It has been too much other things around but today (my birthday), the familly had the time to go to Denmark for a since long time planned thing…

Some years ago I bought several prototype enamel panels from the widow of Louis Schnakenburg (Louis was a “the photographer” for the Mobilia magazine who took a lot of pictures of Verner’s work and also a lot of other designers furniture. Louis often got the prototypes as payment for the pictures as with these panels.

Anyhow, Mrs Schnakenburg (the picture above) wanted to keep one last thing from the prototypes they got from Verner Panton in 1966 (one year before they went into serial production) – a blue enamel panel with her favorite pattern. She promised me to let me know when she was ready to let their last Panton piece go and now that moment came.

I will switch the one you see in the middle below (checkers pattern) so we get a better matching pattern and colour tone. The one we take out will again be an enamel table.