The 9 orange Geometri panels will move up one floor to our living room. This room will be orange and I have tried numerous of different tones now.

The “orange” tone Verner used in the 70:ies is a bit more red compared to the “orange” he used for his orange room in the retrospective exhibition at Trapholt museum 1998.

The first three colours you see on paper boards was used by Verner in the 70:ies: “goldgelb”, “gelborange” and “orange”. The one behind the Geometri panel (and on the wall) are the later used “orange” from 1998 wich is very near the “gelborange” from the 70:ies. A bit tricky before you get everything correct with different types of paint and so on. And as always with these strong colours… at least 6 layers are needed, puah!