Another donated chair. Thanks again!

This old Cone Chair is likely from 1967-69 something. It is not easy to date and first I was sure it was a copy. Now I don’t know.

One idea could be that this is an early test from Gebruder Nehl in Germany who got the license of producing them from 1967. The original owner was an old german man who had it for a long time.

Some parts and the inner colour looks to be the same as the Gebruder Nehl edition but on the other side, some measurements and details are different. Gebruder Nehl produced them in this colour.

The x-foot is either home made or perhaps some sort of test for the Gebruder Nehl edition, I can not tell for sure. The cone shaped body is “cut” a little higher than usuall so the bottom part is a little thicker than the other Gebruder Nehl editions I have seen.

The furnishing is probably original from when it was made but it has been made with a fluffy cotton like material instead of foam, like these chairs used to have.

The chair is made too good to be a cheap copy but I can’t figure out who made it. Any ideas are appreciated!