I have now cleared the garage so much from crap that I can start to use it for building things. I have two original mounting pieces for the Geometri enamel panels but need 16 in total… so the production has started! It is nice to do something else than painting walls…

I haven’t decided in what order I shall put the panels but when the mounting system is up, it will be very easy to move them around. 

I was a little inspired of how Verner used the colour of his Ring lamps in their entrance in Binningen so I made a little test in the same style (below). One of my 24 Geometri panels are cut with 1/4:th so the plan is to hide that in a corner behind a sofa. 

I guess it will be something else when up on a big wall with light on. The enamel wall will be 5 meter wide and 187,5 cm tall.