10 days ago this room looked totally different with wooden panels all around (see below). I promised the familly we could have a christmas three in here and my girlfriend wanted to bring some christmas stuff…

I carefully removed one wooden panel to see what was under just out of curiosity…. After that I had to take it all down!

Everything looked ok until the last wall wich seemed to have cracks and moist coming in from a broken day water pipe outside.

So besides the three rooms we were fixing inside, we needed to dig outside the wall to replace the leaking pipe and make a new drainage.

It has now been ready for 3 days so the renovation was actually made in one week wich is quite fast but I also worked day and night with it.

For now, the room will be white until christmas is over, later we will decide the colour for it. In any case, the big wall will be covered with 24 square Geometri enamel panels.