As you probably noticed I haven´t updated the blog as much as earlier and the reason is that we are moving within some weeks. The new house was made in 1967 and it has all the interior in original condition. It needs a little fixing but will be very cool when done. Especially with Panton´s design in it. Latelly these architect made houses from the 60:ies has become more and more popular in Sweden again. You will see more pictures later.

A really strange coincidence was that the daughter of the former owner to this house, had been many times in Panton´s villa in Binningen in the 70:ies. They were good friends and she told me some cool stories. For exampel that the ceiling of musselshells in the Binningen villa was an upside down “copy” of the alps! They also had an electric fan wich made the shells sound like cows bells in the vind.