Some quick pictures from what I picked up in Denmark today.

  • First, a “Roulette” carpet in golden colours from 1965. This one is in mint condition and seems to never have been used. The tags are still there too. 

  Then something I have never seen before. A pair of Cone Chairs (from Plus Linje 1959) but with a taller foot.

They story tells they come from a 80 year old man who worked for the city of Copenhagen to refurnish their chairs. The chairs might have been refurnished, I can not really tell, but if so, it was probably in the 70:ies because the patina tells they are pretty old.

I like the combination of the height and the vinyl wich is pretty useful in a kitchen.

  Then also some more Cirkusbygningen chairs. I try to find one in every colour for the collection.
 At last, a black/white poster from the “Stones” collection by Ege Carpets.