Some new pieces came today.

The first thing I will show you is this unusual edition of a Wire Cone Chair. It actually looks a little bit like a hybrid between a Pantonova dining chair and a Wire Cone Chair. The measurements are about the same as a Cone Chair from the 60:ies and it is very well built.

The story I got about the chair is that it belonged to a lady who lived just outside Århus in Denmark for many years. She sold it at a fleamarket and the guy I bought it from bought it from her.

The furnishing fabric (wich is original) is Bolivia, the same fabric as Verner Panton used for his Plus Linje Cone chairs from 1959 but was stopped in production around 1980. The wire is is chromed in the same way as the furniture system Pantonova but I have never seen this edition before. The back of the seating pillow are covered with the same black vinyl as the round Pantonova stools made by X-Design around 1971. The cushion has a wooden plate inside it and it holds up by 4 small black metal pieces (one changed and one missing).

There is a insex bolt under the chair wich looks more 70:ies than 60:ies to me. I have seen the same in 1-2-3 furnitures from Fritz Hansen in the early 70:ies. I don’t know if this is changed or original. My best guess is it could be some sort of test chair from either X-Design or Fritz Hansen around 1971 but I will now investigate it further.

The lady who owned this chair for many years lived just outside Århus at that time. The X-Design office at that time was situated 10 kilometers outside Århus so there is a big chance there is a connection. I will ask Marianne Panton if she recognise this version and I will then let you know.