Mira Domo 001 Mira Domo 002 Mira Domo 003 Mira Domo 004 Mira Domo 005  Mira Domo 007 Mira Domo 008Mira Domo 006 Mira Domo 009This MIRA DOMO wall-to-wall carpet has been rolled up for some years now. I got it from the familly of the swedish agent of Verners products, Sten Hermansson.

It was extremelly dirty when I got it but I am amazed how it turned out after some heavy cleaning today. I had to cut it into smaller pieces and I have also promised the familly to get a small door carpet as a memory if I could clean it.

You see the before and after pictures. It looks like another carpet. The carpet is over 40 years old.

Now I am waiting for these pieces to dry and then the edges also needs to be fixed.