This is something I got earlier but haven’t showed you yet. I have never seen this before… 

A “Mira Tülle” fabric with “Stripe” pattern in multicolour! The fabric is semi transparant – Very cool!

I got it together with the orange table cloth with orange and violet napkins earlier. All of this cames from an auctionhouse in Aarhus, Denmark.

The fabric is very long (380 cm:s tall and 160 cm wide) so if it was a curtain somewhere, it has been in a place with a very high ceiling. On the other hand, the edges are still not sewn in but it seems a little used. Perhaps it comes from a Mira-X showroom?

I just now tried to find it somewhere and then I realised they used the same fabric/curtain at the first Mira-X fair in Frankfurt 1971 – The Heimtextil fair where my Typ A ball lamp comes from!

Look at the the semi transparant curtain to the left in this picture below…