1970 Ball Lamp type F 001 1970 Ball Lamp type F 002 1970 Ball Lamp type F 003 1970 Ball Lamp type F 004Some better pictures of my newest Ball lamp in the collection. A “Typ F” in white.

It is not totally ready yet as you see. The electric is missing and all balls need to be adjusted to the exact height. This will come.

The ceilingplate and most of the balls are from J.Lüber in 1970 but a bit over 30 percent of the balls are later made from the company who sold these lamps in the 70:ies. I hope to find the remaining original ball so if you any, please let me know.

Anyhow, the original balls and the later made balls are very similar. These look much better than the later re-edition balls from Verpan.

Some balls in this lamp are a bit uneven but I guess you will not think of if when all balls are placed in order. Now they hang with different distances.