wonderlamp typ h 001 wonderlamp typ h 006wonderlamp typ h 002 Ball Lamp Type H Year: 1970 W: 44 H: 46 cm Colour: Orange / red / pink / light purple Material: Acryl Manufacturer: J. Lüber Country: Switzerland Remarks: Very rare lamp. Number: 1 piecewonderlamp typ h 004

So here are the new Ball lamp “Typ H”. This lamp was designed by Verner Panton and were putted into serial producton by J. Lüber in 1970.

I had a lamp like this some years ago but sold it again. Afterwards I missed it so I am happy to have one back.

If you recognize it or have one at home, please let me know! I would love to buy some more.

The Ball lamp (also called Wonder lamp)  was made in several sizes and models.

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