sphere transparant fabric 001

First up is this transparant “see through” curtain called “SPHERE” for the “GRAFICA 1” series 1974. It is actually the first piece I have ever seen “live” myself. I have only seen them in pictures from the 70:ies.

Mira-X sold a lot of these fabrics but since they have no tags, nobody knows what it is.

Later, Verner made a similar pattern called Bolero.

enamel dishes 001 enamel dishes 002 enamel dishes 003 enamel dishes 004

Then we have some enamel bowls wich are made at the EMALCO factory for a German company.

The design is inspired after Verner PantonĀ“s Geometri 1 serie.


curtain 001

The last two pieces are two curtains wich are supposed to be designed by Verner Panton.

I can not find any info that they would be from Verner but anyway, they are pretty cool when hanged into a big window.


I have several other REALLY cool pieces coming in.

All of them are very rare but the most interesting piece is a prototype from 1964-65.

You will soon see what it is… I can say it is only made in one number and it has been in Marianne and Verner PantonĀ“s home for a long time.


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