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Some months ago I managed to find a fantastic set of 56 different UNIKA VÆV test prints / fabrics from the 60: ies – In Canada of all places! The fabrics were in an original box with tisue paper wrapped around them. I have showed them earlier here at the blog but I wanted to show some better pictures.

Three of these fabrics are designed by VERNER PANTON:

“GEOMETRI 1” in blue tones. The combination of colour and design are called: “geometri nr 21,  ultra / isblå”,

“GEOMETRI I” in yellow / orange tones. The combination of colour and design are called: “geometri nr 11, solgul /orange”,

“GEOMETRI VI” in blue tones.  The combination of colour and design are probably called: “geometri nr 26, ultramarin / isblå” (The number 26 is my own guessing when I see the system of the other colours / designs).

I have an idea to show all these fabrics together with sketches I have from the swedish interior designer Sten Hermansson. He made the design for exhibitions with UNIKA VÆV in the 60:ies.

In Sten´s sketches you can see all the names of fabrics and carpets he planned to have in these exhibition – When I first got the sketches I didn´t understand the different names  where actually fabrics and carpets but when I saw all the small tags / stickers in the back of these fabrics, I could visualize his ideas for the exhibitions.

When I have the time you will see all these sketches and all the other UNIKA VÆV fabrics in this box.

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