lamps blue enamel

Just noticed that this is the 500:th post I write at the PANTON WORLD blog about the design of Verner Panton. As you probably know, you can go back if you click at “Older Entries” to see the older ones.

I am little by little arranging the website to show the complete collection and updated pictures from the rooms we live in. Please have patience. It is not easy with a full time work and three small kids.

The different objects will to begin with, be sorted chronological from when they were designed. Then you can see VernerĀ“s development through the years in a better way.

Here is two pictures in the meantime.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the people that daily send me emails with question and info about the one and only. Also the ones who answer my questions. You know who you are.


Also a big THANK YOU to the Panton familly that helps me when I can not find facts about pieces.


Please keep emailing me with your questions about Verner Panton. Also please let me know if you have any pieces from VERNER PANTON that you would like to see in the PANTON WORLD COLLECTION.

I have got many friends through this and I am very happy to meet new people that share the same interest – VERNER PANTONĀ“S design!




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