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Yesterday I had another “PANTOUR” with the familly. The goal for this time was several different visits… I will show you what two of the visits ended up with.

Some years ago I got several Verner Panton enamel panels from a danish lady.
This lady also had another really nice carpet made by Unika Væv and designed by Rolf Middleboe in 1959.

She has now moved into a smaller home and let me have this yellow carpet.

It has the same material and about the same size as Verner Panton’s low pile Geometri carpets.
This carpet is 222 x 224 cm:s and the Geometri carpet is about 228 x 228 cm:s.
It will have a cleaning soon.

The pattern reminds a bit of Verners Geometri 1 pattern and Verners used this carpet in an exhibition before he made his own in the early sixties. See the picture with the upside-down set of furniture and carpet in 1959.

My carpet has a two different yellow colours compared to the one from Verners exhibition that seems to have just one colour as a background. You can see two versions of it in the other black and white pictures from an exhibition in 1960 as well.


Then we have some really cool monochrome MIRA-X curtains!

I was contacted by a guy that had the fortune to walk by The CIRCUS BUILDING in Copenhagen when they did a big restauration long time ago.

The workers had putted these purple and blue curtains in a container ready for the garbage station. This guy saved it.

I had one curtain of him earlier but in total it is 22 long purple curtains, 4 long blue curtains, 2 gigantic curtains in blue and also one beige piece of curtain.

They are made by MIRA-X and were hanged there when Verner made the redesign of the building in 1984.
They hanged around the sitting part.
You can see them in the picture below.


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