Four months ago I followed up some of the drawings I got from the now passed away interior designer STEN HERMANSSON.

One was the interior for this office building in Sweden, drawn 3:rd of september 1976.

It was shutted down in the middle of the 80:ies but the carpets still remains there.

He used VERNER PANTONĀ“S MIRA-X wall-to-wall carpets and also some other VERNER PANTON lamps and furnitures.

I am now allowed to re-visit this building today!

Strange to be in the same place 37 years after the drawing was made! I was 4 months old when Sten made this drawing…

I also have the permission to try to get this aubergine wall-to-wall carpet removed from the floor. In one piece I hope!

2104The carpet has the exact same colour as the Panton familly had in their livingroom in Binningen, Switzerland, during the 70:ies.

Since these carpets has no tags or signatures, it is extremely difficult to find these old carpets. No one knows what it is.

I have Stens original drawings for about 70 different “VERNER PANTON” interiors in Sweden.

Allmost all places are gone but this place still has some pieces left – the MIRA- X carpets!

The aubergine “MIRA-CONTRACT II” carpet I will try to remove is 380 x 360 cm.

Of courseI will post some pictures at the blog while working on the carpet… So come back wednesday afternoon!

Below you can see some of the picture I took this winter.

20130325_pantour_018 20130325_pantour_019 20130325_pantour_020
The exterior of the building.

The purple wall-to-wall carpets seems to be MIRA-CONTRACT III” if you ask me. It was made to be used in public areas.

You can see the different types in my catalogues down below. It would have needed a wash…

20130325_pantour_025 20130325_pantour_023 20130325_pantour_024
This aubergine “MIRA-CONTRACT II” wall-to-wall carpet could be something if it is possible to remove it from the floor.

This type is smother than the “MIRA-CONTRACT III”

20130325_pantour_03620130325_pantour_026 20130325_pantour_027
Then we have some orange or golden “MIRA-CONTRACT III” wall-to-wall carpet.

The corridor was 30 meters long from the begining but half of the house is rebuilt. Only half of the house is still intact from the 70:ies.

20130325_pantour_030 20130325_pantour_028 20130325_pantour_031 20130325_pantour_032 20130325_pantour_033 20130325_pantour_034 20130325_pantour_035 20130325_pantour_042 20130325_pantour_039 20130325_pantour_040 20130325_pantour_041
Even the stairs have “MIRA-CONTRACT III” – carpet.

Interesting wall…

20130325_pantour_048 20130325_pantour_049
Some of my catalogues with MIRA-X:s carpets.

Here is an example of the aubergine wall-to-wall carpet in The “Der Spiegel publishing house”.

Here is an original MIRA-X folder from the 70:ies. You can see several types of carpets here and also the full colour spectrum that was used in the MIRA-X system.

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