FUN 0 DA 003FUN 0 DA 010

FUN 0 DA 007

FUN 0 DA 009 FUN 0 DA 005

FUN 0 DA 008 FUN 0 DA 006

FUN 0 DA 011

FUN 0 DA 002

Here you have some pictures of the latest piece at Pantonworld – an original “FUN 0 DA” lamp made by L├╝ber in 1964.

This very large model is made out of small aluminium discs hanged from four metal bars/rings.
The lamp is 55 cm:s in diameter and almost 80 cm:s long.

It is one of only two pieces I have ever seen.

The discs reflects the surrounding light and colour so it changes a bit when you see it from different angels.

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