barboy red 001

barboy red 003barboy red 008

barboy red 004 barboy red 005 barboy red 002 barboy red 007 barboy red 006 barboy red 009

Verner Panton designed this rolling bar, THE BARBOY in 1963 according to the official Verner Panton reference portal.

It was made by the company A. Sommer in Germany and were produced in 4 different colours: white, black, violett and red.

The red and the violet versions are probably the rarest.

This very one have been in use since 1962 when the former owners house were ready built so I am not sure when it was really made.

If that is correct, it is a very early version or a prototype before it was released to the market.

This one has not been used as a bar but to keep a lady┬┤s bikinis. Therefor the condition is very good with only some minor scratches.

The models that was later made had an edge around the top plate.

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