Now, I am pretty convinced that my yellow / blue “WALL ELEMENT” is a prototype for the “LUMINOUS WALL ELEMENT” at the VISIONA 2 exhibition in Cologne 1970. Made for Bayer Chemicals, West Germany.

I have a handwritten “certificate” from Marianne Panton that Verner Panton was the creator of my panel and I already knew that this was an original prototype from 1969/70 but I never understood it was meant to be lit up from inside!

A friend showed me this picture (with caption) from the VISIONA 2 exhibition wich I haven´t seen earlier.

Here you can very well see that this kind of panel is a “LUMINOUS WALL ELEMENT” not only a “WALL ELEMENT”.

There has been some newer copies of this plastic element made but they have all had the wrong colours – the original celidor wall element in the style of “yin yang” for VISIONA 2 was dark green / light green and the prototype yellow / blue.

These were the first pictures I found but they were not that informative as the ones above.

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